Currency News is a unique and comprehensive one-stop source of information covering the specification, design, production, distribution and management in circulation of banknotes and coins, from ‘cradle-to-grave’.

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Currency News™ is read by those involved in specifying, issuing, producing or handling currency.

In 12 information-packed issues per year, it covers all aspects of currency, from ‘cradle-to-grave’, with a blend of news, expert analysis, and commentary on the events, standards, companies, people and technologies shaping the evolution and development of banknotes and coins around the world.

What Makes Currency News Special




Dedicated solely to currency


‘Cradle-to-grave’ coverage


News, analysis and commentary


Editorial team drawn from the highest echelons of the industry


12 information packed issues per year plus weekly updates


Separates fact from fiction to provide impartial and authoritative insight

What Currency News Covers

Banknotes and Coins

New issues and designs


Legislation, directives, policy initiatives, standards


National and regional profiles, macro-economic developments, trends


Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances, financial reviews


Key appointments, interviews


New products and systems


Pre-press, printing, finishing


Handling, sorting, counting, verification, destruction


Transport, vending, dispensing, recycling


Detection, seizures, counterfeit statistics


Optimisation, outsourcing, efficiencies

“We value Currency News as a primary source of information”

Giesecke & Devrient

“Living at the ends of the earth means we are not usually in the loop for industry news. Currency News goes a long way to filling this void, and we always look forward to the monthly update”

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Who Should Read Currency News

  • Treasury departments, central banks and monetary authorities
  • State and commercial banknote printers and mints
  • Suppliers of substrates, features and authentication technologies
  • Pre-press, printing, finishing and inspection equipment manufacturers
  • Suppliers of counting, sorting and verification systems
  • Cash handling, transportation and distribution organisations
  • Manufacturers and distributors of cash accepting, dispensing, recycling and degradation systems
  • Suppliers of specialist services

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