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Headlines of 2019


Where’s the money? Australia finds out; Australian banks seek new ATM model; financial education belongs on school syllabuses; UK’s Access to Cash review – a critique; Country Cash Profile – Vietnam; cash – Travelex finds out what people really want; ATMIA USA celebrates 20th anniversary; SendMe! – the latest virtual ATM.


Cash remains king in the cannabis world; G+D Expands cash digitalisation with acquisition of Transtrack; it’s not cashless in China; cash is still king in Canada, for now; LINK incentivises free ATMs in rural areas; UK wants (and needs) a government regulator for cash; NoteMachine threatens legal action against LINK; cash in the USA – a changing landscape; ban on cashless stores in the US spreads; major sporting events go cashless.


‘Access to Cash’ report calls for cash to be core part of UK national infrastructure; it’s cash that’s keeping interest rates above zero; 2nd US state bans cashless stores; contactless drives global card expenditure; Switzerland’s highest value banknote here to stay, says SNB; Mexico plans digital payments system; choose cash if you want fast and cheap payments, says Bundesbank; reasons for high cash usage in Japan; how ATMs affect the way we pay; Denmark supports withdrawal of cash services; cash transactions declining but still critically important concludes Future of Cash conference; UK consumer group says digital banking outages underscore the need for cash.


Agustín Carstens of the BIS gives his view on the future of money and payments; cash is the USA’s 2nd largest export; Cash & Card World issues payment charter for payment choice; legalisation of cannabis reduces cash volumes in Canada; the Apple Card – where tradition meets technology; RBNZ publishes report on the use of cash in New Zealand; Chinese m-payments go global; 5 ways to measure the use of cash; Bitcoin – a hedge against a cashless society?; the changing landscape of e-commerce and the shift to m-commerce; 5-currency wallet – BRICS countries discuss a shared payments service.


UK government promises support for cash; Israel court upholds new law on cash operations; is legislation needed to slow cashless drive; adjusting to less cash – evidence from France and Spain; going cashless – what are the barriers?; the winners in the war on cash; can cryptocurrencies be hacked (the answer is yes, by the way)?; Riksbank proposes review of legal tender; European expansion for virtual ATM company Sonect; will contactless cards take off in the USA?


Facebook unveils its new Libra cryptocurrency; the rise of smart cards; the implications of declining cash usage in the US; RBNZ commences consultation on the future of cash in New Zealand; Country Cash Profile – Israel; MasterCard promotes financial inclusion in Africa; UK’s Access to Cash debate continues.


Federal Reserve confirms the continuing importance of cash; UK and Singapore financial authorities join forces; Facebook’s Libra – opportunity, threat or simple hype?; ‘Big Tech’ in payments – the opportunities and risks; designing for the continued support of cash – the Dutch view; the ECB provides evidence on the foreign use of the euro; Australia’s new payments platform; cashless initiatives gaining ground in Japan; majority of Swiss high denomination banknotes are hoarded; Australian cash infrastructure is shrinking; Bank of England confirms commitment to cash.


China nearly ready to launch its digital currency; Australia and Netherlands to limit cash payments; ‘rogue’ nations turn to cryptocurrency; report on The Future of Finance in the UK; latest payment statistics released by the ECB; will the Fed develop a faster digital banking system?; euro banknote counterfeiting declining; cash in circulation in Sweden increases despite cashless growth; new LINK data shows ongoing decline in UK ATMs; the International Currency Association publishes its new report – ‘Cash as a Public Good’.


Facebook’s Libra faces stiff regulatory hurdles and provides a wake-up call for central banks; is cash still king when the bank is closed? Not in Greece, it wasn’t; a tale of two countries – cash demands in Canada and Sweden; Libra could undermine ECB’s monetary policy; India’s journey to less cash; ‘a step too far’ as Australia considers criminalising cash payments; US regulators’ hidden weapon’ against Bitcoin; sovereign cryptocurrency for a Pacific Island nation; Mexico’s CoDi digital payments platform becomes an operational reality.


‘Save our Cash’ – lessons from Sweden, and the state of payments in the country; Facebook’s key partners quit the Libra project; m-payments will be the next big thing for retailers; shop online, pay in cash with Amazon; New Zealand proposes legislation in support of cash; Country Cash Profile – Costa Rica; Amazon seeks to license cashier-free technology; cards dominate UK retail; consumers need the right to use cash, says European Consumer Organisation; mobile payments take a hit in Zimbabwe; Dutch crypto providers prepare for supervision; cash access via post offices is a throwback and patently unrealistic, says ATMIA.


Cash is more popular than ever in some countries, as cash in circulation reaches record highs; German banks call for digital euro; G7 working group investigates stablecoins; cash use in New Zealand – survey findings; European Payments Council reviews cash recirculation; thoughts on central bank digital currencies; how fintech start-up soCash breaks the cashless mould; Rwanda’s cashless economy; UK online banking failures branded ‘unacceptable’ by Treasury; new partnership between G+D and HIT targets premium card market.


Should cash services be protected by law?; New global ‘currency’ launched; the bank of google; India’s digital payments receive a boost; Pakistan’s new payments strategy; Canadians rapidly adopting new payment technologies; money in 2030: analysts’ predictions; SIX investigates likely scenarios for the future of money; digital payment fraud surges.


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