Tax Stamps & Traceability: A Market Analysis and Technical Update

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The definitive source of data and analysis on the market worldwide for tax stamp and excise recovery programmes.

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The definitive source of data and analysis on the market worldwide for tax stamp and excise recovery programmes.

This is the only report of its kind to examine and analyse the global tax stamp and traceability market for alcohol, tobacco and other products subject to excise. It provides invaluable insight into how governments can develop effective tax revenue collection and anti-illicit trade regimes that comply with the latest international regulations through the use of tax stamp and track and trace programmes, as well as how suppliers of physical and digital tax stamp solutions can both help drive forward the market, and benefit from the growing opportunities these provide.

This will be the 3rd edition of this ground-breaking study and will be published in summer 2020. It follows the highly-acclaimed 2nd edition, which was published in 2012.


• The tax stamp eco-system
• Types of illicit trade and their impact
• Specification, regulation and enforcement
• Tax stamp technology matrix
• Tax stamps and traceability systems
• Market sectors
• Global use of tax stamps
• Tax stamps in practice
• Future trends and market developments

How You Will Benefit

Governments and issuers
Minimise fraud and maximise your tax returns by learning about best practice from countries across the world; read about state-of-the-art security products and systems to specify for your tax stamps; ensure your programmes comply with the latest regulations on track and trace.

Tobacco and alcohol manufacturers and distributors
Find out what systems operate around the world and how you can help shape these and turn them to your advantage.

Tax stamp producers
Find suppliers of equipment, systems and components to improve cost-effectiveness and benefit your tax stamp customers with the latest and most effective anti-fraud and track and trace solutions. Find the contacts in other countries where you could nurture new customers.

Component, system and material suppliers
Learn who does what in the issuance, specification, design and production of tax stamps around the world. Learn what works and what issuers want.

Who Should Read It

• Tax stamp issuing authorities (ministries of finance, revenue, treasury departments)
• Customs and excise departments
• Law enforcement and investigative services
• Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of tobacco and alcohol products
• Security printers – state-owned and commercial
• Systems and equipment manufacturers
• Project managers and systems integrators
• Suppliers of security substrates, components, authentication technologies
• Developers of coding, serialisation and track and trace solutions


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