Proof of Health Status White Paper Puts Emphasis on What is Feasible

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    The ID and secure document industry is seeing unprecedented changes as it adapts to the shifting business environment and its response to the COVID pandemic. The raised awareness amongst governments and enterprises of the importance of ID and secure document management in the face of initiatives to link health status to identity increases the urgency for this investigation of the opportunities, and barriers, that will exist as vaccine certification and immunity passport programmes are rolled out.

    The White Paper assembles a range of views from the people and organisations that are already producing secure, flexible and cost-effective certificates and passports. Together, they examine a range of topics around proof of health status, including:

    • What the certification will look like: physical/digital or virtual?
    • How can interoperability be achieved across disparate certification protocols?
    • What information will certificates and passports carry?
    • How will they be linked to the identity of the bearer?
    • How will they be secured?
    • How will they be examined and read?
    • What types of attacks will they attract and how can they be mitigated?

    As vaccination numbers increase and calls for the introduction of health status passports gain momentum, IDN will continue to provide a voice of technical feasibility to the debate. With this in mind, the next White Paper in this series is scheduled to coincide with what is billed as the first real test of any health status passport scheme – the summer holiday season in Europe.