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Headlines of 2019


Moldova’s New ePassport; India’s Uflex Eyes Future Growth; Bowater Industries Goes into Administration; Armenia Extends Holographic Tax Stamps; Trio of New Developments from Optaglio; Holographic 3D Printing Moves a Step Closer; Holographic Memory; Thales Acquires Holographic Radar Company; IHMA Predicts Counterfeiting will Drive Hologram Growth in 2018; Holography News Awards; Star Wars Anniversary Boxset Goes Holographic.


Pastel Coloration from Toppan Printing; Durable Micro-Holograms; Nanotech Granted New KolourOptik Patent in China; Tobacco Products Directive: Hologram Recognised as an Overt Security Feature; OptoClones of Russian State Treasures; ITW Develops New Generation of Passport Laminates; India’s Holograms for Tax Stamps.


World’s First Banknote with RollingStar LEAD; API Parent Buys Dunmore Corporation; Australia Launches New $50 Note with Advanced Window Technology; The IHMA – 25 Years of the Industry Trade Body; Lichtblicke in a Small Bavarian Town; 3D Volumetric Images that Float in Air; SPIE Practical Holography – Materials and Applications; Optaglio Calls Time on Boring Holograms; Nanotech Reports Strong Results; Obituary: Rebecca Deem (1949 – 2018).


Nanotech, Holostik and Kumbhat Sign Distribution Agreements for India; Variable Holographic Numbering for Mexico’s Tax Stamps; Holographic Data Storage on Nanoparticle Films; Canada’s New $10 Note; WayRay Expands into China; Holographic Poetry Comes to London; Optaglio Protects ID Cards and Trains the Next Generation of Holographic Designers; 25 Years of the Industry Trade Body; Holographic Approach Improves Head up Displays for Planes and Cars; IHMA to Forge Closer Links with South Korea.


Envisics Takes the Lead in Vehicle HUDs; UniKLasers Unveils New Laser Product; Fresnels Inc Moves Forward with New ‘Innovations’ Division, New Start-up for Holographic Video Glasses; DigiLens Secures Multi-Million Dollar Investment; Nanotech Results and First Win; IQ Structures Wins Award and Protects Both Sides of ID Documents; OpSec Commits to Three-Year Sponsorship Deal.


VW Looks to the Future with ‘Holographic’ Controls; API Launches New Range of Hot Metallic Foils; DigiLens Unveils World’s First Full-Colour Eyeglass For Wearables; SECTAGO Moves Forward with AgiLite; Volumetric Cinema Explores 360° Holographic Experience; India’s University Grants Commission Pushes for Holograms and QR Codes; Are DOVID Stripes About to be Given a Run for Their Money on Banknotes?; OpSec and Maxim Partner to Extend Brand Protection in Asia; Luminit’s Transparent Holographic Components.


KINEGRAM Flux Takes Centre Stage; India to Identify Vehicle Fuel Type Using Holograms; Security Foiling Steps Up Document Security with Holo-Sign; VividQ – Real-Time Holographic 3D Displays to Become Reality; Idvac Develops Vacuum Metallised White Coating; IKIN to Introduce Holographic Augmented Reality (HAR); The Rise of NovaVision.


New Producer in Italy of Security Paper and Holograms; Excellence in Holography Awards 2019; Holographic Microscope Studies Live Cells; Idvac Develops Polymer Nano-Layer to Protect Metallised Copper; Augmented Reality (AR) in 2019; OVD Kinegram and Acuant Partner for Optical Machine Authentication; Microsoft Introduces HoloLens 2; Are Security Features for Identity Documents Obsolete Now?; IN Groupe in Exclusive Negotiations for Acquisition of SURYS.


New Swiss 100 Franc; Hazen Paper Shines with Holographic 2019 Yearbook; IQ Structures Introduces Two-Sided Holograms; India’s High Security Registration Plates; Holography Goes Brainy; Volkswagen Group Invests in 3D Holography; Light Field Lab Raises $28 Million for Holographic Displays; Reconnaissance to Publish Updated Tax Stamp Report; Researchers Produce World’s Thinnest Optical Hologram; WaveOptics Secures Investment to Scale AR Display Technology; First UK Registered Moving Trade Marks.


Bank of England Unveils New £20 Banknote; Apple’s AR Glasses; SURYS’ Moov in Sudan; VividQ and Himax Partner to Bring Holographic Display; Toppan Printing and Systech Partner; Indian HSRP to be Decentralised; New High Resolution 3D Hologram Printer Unveiled; Crypto ‘Banknotes’ Get Holograms; New Holographic Laminate From De La Rue; Ringers Gloves Selects OpSec for Global Brand; Nanotech Launches KolourDepth; World First for Hueck Folien’s Trilumic.


Keyhole Holograms from IQ Structures; New Board Members for the IHMA; The Holography Conference Shows Diversity and the Latest Innovations; Krypten Unveils its Latest Banknote Innovations; IHMA Awards 2019; Crane’s Motion Surface Secures More Banknotes.


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