ID & Secure Document News 2019


Get the all year of ID & Secure Document News 2019 – Volume 7 in a single PDF file.


A Year in Headlines


Malta to Upgrade ePassport; Vietnam to Introduce ePassport; DHS Offers $800,000 for Anti-Forgery Protection of Digital Documents; Ukraine Launches Mobile ID; Travel and ID Documents: Security Features Revisited; Gradient Launches Valida; Veridos Presents New Colour Personalisation Technology.


Hong Kong Unveils New ePassport; ISO to Adopt New Biometric Standards for Passports; ePassport Market to Witness Substantial Growth in Coming Years; GET Selected to Provide Personalisation Systems for Next Generation US Passport; Travel and Identity Documents: Classification of Security Features; The Nature of ID in the Digital Age; Distilled Identity and Emerge Develop ID Platform for Regugees.


EU Reaches Agreement on Boosting ID Card Security; Use of eGates Doubles; Nepal to Set Up Security Printing Facility; Gemalto Creates Security Experts Unit; Tanzania, Estonia and EU Celebrate ID Awards in Malta; Digital ID Documents are Coming; Philippines Reviewing Legality of ePassport Production Deal; Estonia Rejects Appeal to Declare ID Card Contract Void.


AI-Based Biometrics to Transform Travel; Uganda’s ePassport Project to Cost $16 Million; Sweden to Reform National ID Legislation; UK’s NatWest Launches Biometric Card Pilot; Thales Completes Acquisition of Gemalto; Onfido Raises $50 Million; IDEMIA to Restructure; Veridos to Launch Border-Control Project; Tanzania’s eVisa and eResidence Permits; Demax Holograms Develops Embossable Films and New OVDs; Nanotech’s Dynamic Portrait and LiveLogo; HSP Latin America Programme Published.


Heathrow to Launch Passport-Free System; Greece Issues ID Tender; UK ID Scheme Falls Short of Target; Verimi Partners with Signicat; Kyrgyzstan Passport Deal Under Investigation; Mastercard’s Consumer-Centric Model; IdenTrust and Device Authority Partnership; HID Global to Acquire De La Rue ID Solutions Business; Secure Identity and Systems; Tonga to Develop Digital ID System; Philippines to Start Issuing National eIDs; Ipsidy Launches Proof; ID3 Technologies Unveils BioSeal; Feitian Launches Fingerprint Power Card; Canada Launches BlockchainBased Digital ID Network; Seoul Set to Introduce Blockchain-Based ID; SailPoint Launches ‘Predictive Identity’; A Quantum Leap from IQDEMY for Security; Wirecard Partners with Indian Government; PPG Introduces Teslin EMI/RF Shielding; IQ Structures Wins Award; SPS Introduces C-Lam®; UK Puts Passport Office Contract Out to Tender; Bolivia and Colombia Celebrate ID Awards; The Challenge of Digital Secured Documents.


Digital ID to be Used by 5 Billion in 2024; UK to Launch Digital ID Consultation; Canada and Netherlands to Launch Documentless Cross-Border Travel; EU Introduces Tighter Security for ID Cards; Ghana to Incorporate ECOWAS ID into National ID Cards; Secure Identity Alliance Announces Open Standards Identity API; Are Security Features for Identity Documents Obsolete Now?; DGM Consortium to Produce New Thai ePassport; Bangladesh Begins Issuing ePassports


Asia-Pacific Biometrics Market to Reach $21 Billion; UK and Singapore Partner on eGovernment; Greece Calls Off ID Card Tender; Nigeria Cancels All Foreign Printing Contracts for Passports; Japan to Expand Use of Facial Recognition Technology; Romania to Introduce New ID Cards in 2021; Polycarbonate Films Offer AntiCounterfeiting Protection for IDs.


Citizens Happy with Governments Using AI; UK Considers On-The-Move Border Controls; India Launches World’s First Biometrics-Based Seafarer ID; STA to Advance Adoption of mDLs; Taiwan Goes Ahead with eID Plans; Nepal Opens up Bids for Security Printing Plant; EU Entry/Exist System Delayed; Sierra Leone Launches Digital ID; UNHCR Completes Registration of Rohingya Refugees.


Argentina Launches Mobile ID; PhilIDs to Rollout from April 2020; Canadians Ready for Digital ID; EC Launches API Directive Consultation; New Changes Await Korean Passports; Nepal to Suspend eID Card Distribution; Bermuda Developing Blockchain-Based ID; Bangladesh Delays ePassport Launch Again; Uganda’s ID Project in Record Time; Liechtenstein to Launch New eID; De La Rue Launches IDProtect.


Malta Launches New ePassport; DHS to Streamline Real ID Process; Frontex to Become Strengthened EU Border Force; Hong Kong Celebrates at ID Awards in Yokohama; Accessibility – ‘Talking’ Identity Cards; SICPA Wins US Contract for Flexible Decentralised Digital Credentials.


Inside this Issue; Huge Rise in Digital ID Demand; Freja eID Becomes Sweden’s National ID; Malaysia Launches Digital ID Study; Greece to Relaunch ID Card Tender; ICAO Launches RFI on New and Emerging Technologies for MRTDs; Mastercard Trials Digital ID; Digital Identity in Crisis; Onfido and ForgeRock Announce Partnership


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