Printing Beyond Colour: Commercial Innovations for Security Print


Printing beyond colour has the potential to generate a whole set of new features for secure document production in currency and identity.
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A new technology report exploring the domain of commercial printing innovations that go beyond visual colour, with the potential to generate entirely novel features for secure documents.

This 60-page report targets security printers and authentication solution providers for the currency, ID, tax stamp and brand protection sectors. It offers informative technical analyses of latest generation inks and digital printing techniques and how these could be adapted and applied to the security world.

However, with this potential come threats, given the wide availability of technologies used in commercial printing. Therefore, the report also examines these threats in order to provide a balanced technical review.

The report is now available to purchase at a 25% discount to subscribers of all Reconnaissance’s newsletters.

Inside the Report:
• A common theme –inkjet technology
• UV and NIR features
• ‘Colourless’ print for tactility and optical effect
• Printing into the third dimension – additive manufacturing, penetrating inks
• Printed electronics
• Printing for metallic features
• Competing and complementary technologies – including smartphone authentication, cameras with multi and hyper spectral imaging, wearable electronics, augmented reality.

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  1. James B

    I highly recommend Printing Beyond Colour: Commercial Innovations for Security Print to anyone who wants to learn more about the latest advances in security printing and how they can be used to protect our valuable documents.

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