Security Threads for Banknotes


An essential guide to the technology behind security threads for banknotes

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An essential guide to the technology behind security threads for banknotes

More than 75 years ago the first use of a security thread for a banknote appeared. Since then they have evolved to become one of the most enduring and innovative features on banknotes.

The special report examines the evolution of security for banknotes, their types, latest technology developments (including optically variable effect windowed threads based on micromirror, lenticular, diffractive and colour shift technologies), material science machinereadability, design integration, incorporation and future developments.

Whether you supply or use security threads, or the materials and technology that make them so effective, this is your chance to reach those organisations that are looking for your products services and solutions.

It also aims to provide analysis on the use of threads for banknotes around the world and trends.

Included in this report:

  • The history of security threads
  • Thread types
  • Materials and manufacturing
  • Thread developments
  • Strength, durability and lightfastness
  • Incorporation of threads into paper
  • Future developments
  • Case studies and analysis


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